About Me

I'm Courtney, a 20-year-old Canadian, born and raised, photographer currently living in Ontario.
Fashion & Pinup Photographer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artist’s  Statement

Fashion and art have coincided with me since I was very young. Making a fashionably conscious decision when dressing myself, even from early on, had an important impact on who I thought I was and how I told the world. To “express myself” seemed a generic reason as to why I create images or play with fashion, but it is the foundation for almost everything I do.

Photography comes as naturally to me as breathing. I took to it after many years of attempting traditional arts and not finding something that would stick. Photography was once described to me as “easy to learn, impossible to master” and the saying has proven itself true. In an attempt to master portrait photography I am constantly chasing down bigger and bigger goals – technically and creatively.

The subject matter that influences me is extensively open-minded, as inspiration can come from anywhere. I do find myself drawn to the off-beat, unique and obscure. I like things wild and interesting, never procuring to the same, old, cookie-cutter material.
My major influences stem from 1950s/mid-century culture, modernism and pop aesthetics. Main influences are such as; Ellen von Unwerth, Irving Klaw/Bettie Page, Mary Blair, Kate Spade, Olivia De Berardinis, Dita von Teese, Micheline Pitt, Jeremy Scott and many more.

To contact me for working on a creative/collaborative basis, please email me with a portfolio and a small introduction – sonnyphotos@live.ca

For commercial/head shots/etc, please email me with a small introduction and I will get back to you about rates and print options – sonnyphotos@live.ca

To order a print of a FrannyPanties pinup piece, please email me for further details or contact me on my Facebook page – sonnyphotos@live.ca – https://www.facebook.com/Sonnyphotography


xo C

Some other things about me -

  • My background is M├ętis (French/Native American).
  • I've been doing photography for almost a decade.
  • My favourite Beatle is John.
  • I have an obsessive connection to music.
  • I've been using Photoshop ever since I was in the fifth grade!
  • I used to have 11 facial piercings. 
  • I use a Nikon D7000 with three lenses (50mm 1.8, 18-55mm 4.5-5.6, 55-200mm 4.6).

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