Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Happy Holidays, cats & dolls! I have a treat for you! A sweet collection of photos to raise your spirits even more for the holiday season. A long night keeps Jessie and Emily up to wait for Santa make sure they get exactly what they wished for...

2014 has been full of opportunities for me, and to myself, unbelievably more than previous years. Between attending burly shows with Franny, TVS parties, and increasing my network, this is just the cherry on top for 2014. Working with a full team, with a curated set/wardrobe and experimenting with new lighting has made this set something I've always wanted to do, accomplishing a goal that I've had since I started taking pictures, and accomplishing more goals I've made along the way. There are so many things to be merry about, now that another window has opened up for 2015 and all I can say of the future is... I'm dreaming of Spring this January!

Tons of behind the scenes and updates at the bottom as well!

MODELS Emily Benson & Jessie Darling
MUAH + STYLING by Courtney Reader, Jessie Darling
ASSISTANCE by Lacey Allan, Derek Cutting (Firemate)

Now you know what it's like to be a part of a sixties, holiday get-together ;)

The whole shoot was on set in the lovely Cutting residence (aka, 'Cutting Laboratories' for all the science experiments that go on behind the scenes) with a new (sort of) team member joining us: Lacey! If you haven't' read up on her in the last blog post, go! Expect to see more work with our assistant hobbit <3. Speaking of BTS, let's see what awesome stuff our team help capture:

Before and after pieces, anyone?

Here, have a lovely warm group photo (avec Phoenix!) courtesy of Derek. I couldn't have asked for a better team to do this project with. It took dedication, friendship and a high level of standards in so many different aspects I sometimes can't believe it really happened. Like I had mentioned before, this was one of my major personal goals to accomplish and it warms me to see that it's only just the beginning. Love you guys! xo

I'm working on making all my future posts to include only PNGs since the host for my blog compresses all my hi-res jpegs and makes them look awful. This is a photography blog, gosh darnit! As well, The Romance of Mysticism has been pushed until January due to technical difficulties with editing software on the footage. All the lovely photos are done, I just haven't been able to work on the colour grading for the final footage.

On top of all this holiday jumble, don't forget to come see Franny and I (and others!) at her first show in the new year: January 4th @ Cherry Cola's for a Kubrick themed evening with FrannyPanties as Lolita Haze. Not only a performing woman, she's also a crafty and creative devil who's been working on a big project... psst, I know what it is ;). In fact I've been working vigorously to get the product photography done to perfection. Maybe I'll offer a little tease...

Just remember... #PanteasePlease!

Until next time! Happy Holiday, happy New Year and many warm wishes from me to you. xo