Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Easton Park

Way way way back, I had taken some time to do a mini shoot with Emily (again, duh) with my wee hobbit, Lacey, accompanying us for a walk through Easton Park. Easton is a fairly large, wooded area in the north end with paths, creeks and beautifully towering trees. It's a location I have been trying to shoot for about a year but didn't quite have the resources (roadhouse models) to go through with it. I still feel I should go back to this location eventually, with a more prepared and conceptual shoot now that I know the lay of the land photographically. 

A little BTS, because this shoot was more fun than serious ha.

Lacey and her adorable autumn hair <3 This hobbit has a thing for nature photography and was a obvious choice to bring along to such a location. (She's also kinda a big deal, fyi).

There's so many exciting projects coming up that will involve full teams, including Lacey, and it's a privilege to work with such exceptional humans (and hobbits). As the year is coming to an end it will soon be a time of reflection (that totally means a big blog post with full 2014 coverage in late December) and I'm always so overwhelmed with the bigger picture ha! of what goes into such projects that leave me feeling indescribably happy. Much love, darlings xo Courtney.


A short self portrait series inspired by John Waters/Divine.

Niagara dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, vintage hair scarf.