Friday, 24 October 2014

A Taste of Honey

After a substantial absence from posting, I'm excited to bring the first of many future blog post for the beginning of the end of 2014. Between the many shoots I've completed since August and the shoots I've already got planned or in the making, this may be the most productive few seasons of my career. Especially since I've been talking about this shoot for a while on other networking platforms, I'm so glad I can finally get to posting one of my Emily shoots. The gal has grace.

Along with the photo story comes a short film/behind the scenes look in footage. My hopes in the new year and for now is to create more footage to go along with my shoots to make my blog posts themselves more dynamic. I'd love to bring you all along for my shoots <3 Below is said film, and below that are some super images followed by even more BTS things! (psst, best viewed in 720 or 1080p)

My second film on location at the rich and inviting Parkwood Estate featuring brilliant floral and romantic undertones. The fresh ending of summer brings dreamy ambiance that reminisces back to 60s love songs and formal elegance with Emily Benson.

 And time for BTS stuff! Details, before and after post work, candids and miscellaneous things we do and find.

I wanted to try different kinds of  themes I could do in post to see what I could get with the overall project, in the end I came out with a few bonus photos that looked great under warm temperatures.

On location shooting is always such a dream <3 More on IG: @Teaserama

Along our travels around the garden estate, peeking into windows we discovered some neat little treasures.

(never underestimate the power of the Nikon D7000 + nifty fifty)

 I'll finish this off with some beautiful candids/light tests. Keep your peepers wide open for more of Emily with all our future plans in motion and even a hidden shoot from way back. Cheers xx

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