Friday, 31 October 2014


Happy Halloween boils and ghouls! It's been an exciting fall season so far, with burgundy and orange colours in the trees and spooky events that ensued, I've had lots to do and create. My latest, sweetest gift from that collection is what I have for you now... Devil's Whorehouse, starring none other than the bone-fied babe FrannyPanties...

Now time for some candids! This was a devlish shoot concept put together by Franny herself featuring one of her newest costumes and an old friend from the distant past.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Jessie Darling

Meet this little darling, Jessie. She's a vintage enthusiast, an awesome intern at Taunton Tattoo Company and a stylish devil who has wowed me from our first encounter. Which was of course at Auto Fest 2014 during the kick off party. It was love at first sight (of those cat eyes, meow!).

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After we exchanged number and some time after the event, it was fundamental that we would collaborate on some seriously awesome project. This was simply our first shoot, there is already another in post production and several in the making (alongside Emily and of course, FrannyPanties <3). 2014/2015 look to be grand and exciting. Watch the teaser/BTS footage and enjoy the photos~

Shot by the shores of Lake Ontario and in the historical areas of Lakeview Park, the glimmering sunlight of late summer was warm and brilliant through the sheer of her vintage, lemonesque floral tea dress. The last days of summer <3

Afterwards I asked to get some shots of her tattoos since they're absolutely delectable. Everything flows and fits in place, simply wonderful! I can't wait to do tattoo-oriented shoots for some hopeful opportunities coming up.

(Isn't that portrait just the cutest?)

 And now for some before and afters! I loved the lemon tones with this dress, but I wanted to bring out the warmth in the yellow to collaborate with the red sunglasses and lips. This also helped when working with the photos by the water to add contrast between the cool undertones of the shade and green leaves on the dress. For some reason when I shoot near the lake I seem to love working sepia. Although it was tough limiting to only a few monochromatic pieces despite the loveliness of the dress, the sheer made it even more grand to include sepia pieces with a highly textured feel.

 Keep your peepers wide open for more films, more BTS and two new shoots/blog posts coming up by the end of October alone (don't even get me started on my plans for November). One being the entire Devil's Whorehouse collection with FrannyPanties. Because I'm sweet as shit, here's a teaser!

The Romance of Mysticism w/ Jessie xx