Wednesday, 3 September 2014

❤ Mr.Sandman ❤

I got some time in August to get to work on a self portrait set including lots of red on a night I was pincurling my hair and gleefully took the opportunity to fish out my homemade barn door system (vive starving artists!). Working with multiple shades of red was somewhat daunting but proved to be much more key to the overall set and it made working with black and white even more dramatic. I've been enjoying getting to gear my work towards the black and white to develop more of my style. Black and white photos have helped me learn how to use colours in the set to create a mood out of shape and form as opposed to post processing. It also keeps a somewhat vintage feel to all my work. 

I'm hoping, despite returning to school, I'll still have the time and mentality to get into this type of work again. I'm feeling the weight of a first semester all over again and it's making an already stressful later half of this year kind of exhausting. I've never felt so tired over the past week. I'm falling asleep every few hours. But, in better light! I am in the midst of wrapping up what plans I've needed to this week and hopefully there will be many photos for fall and I have a few surprises with the FrannyPanties future. Hope you're all having a lovely first week of September <3 xoxo Courtney.