Tuesday, 5 August 2014

[PHOTOS] Dream Team

I recently got the opportunity to shoot with my original dream team partner, Madi. From the early beginnings of my portraiture work, Madi was there. I started out where many do, taking pictures with friends after some careful coercing with an even more careful uncertainty behind it. Regardless, I was one of those people who dove into the chance to photograph people, something some people find a very delicate and personal action. when I did, I knew it was something I had to continue. There were several occurrences in my life beforehand that attributed to my artful pursuance, but those stories are for another time more relevant.

Madison was the most compliant and most personal human being I had the chance to photograph, and still is. We've grown together at the same skill level, and even though we separated for quite some time (well over a year, if I am correct), we picked it right back up like nothing happened. 

My work took on a totally different flavour after we thinned out our shoots together and I started my work with Frances. Half the cause is my interest in a multitude of tastes and Franny's mutual interest in particularly pinup and vintage, and the other portion is the my immersion into the studio/artificial light world (courtesy of Derek Cutting, another pivotal human being in my history of photography). That being said, I was eager to get back to my natural light work with modern style, as opposed to bringing Madi into my hobbit-makeshift studio.

The quintessential dream team photos

Aside from getting to take home awesome photos and spend the day getting to know Madi and her equivocally great boyfriend, I got to chronicle yet more of her life and the changes it's gone through. Her new hair, what piercings she has or doesn't have anymore, which scars are there, what music she listens to, her new influences, et cetera. Just like we used to, since she's probably the person I've photographed the most, I have a lot to look back on. especially since I reached my 18th birthday this year, it's been a time for healthy reflection as an artist and a deep-thinking human being. Things move  along, but I know that being around her was just like it used to be, like nothing deep rooted has or ever will change. Photography will always be my most treasured phenomenon of the modern era.

Some bonus photos, because c'mon, Ellen Von Unwerth doesn't get a shoot without a few fucked or fun (or both) pictures.

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