Wednesday, 27 August 2014


This year was the 21st annual Oshawa Auto Fest, a weekend in the summer I plan my entire year around. Being the 5th year I've attended, and the 4th that I've been taking pictures, I decided to take a few steps back from setting up a major shoot and enjoy the show for what it's really for   classic cars. That being said, I did obviously take the opportunity of beautiful scenery, relaxed effort, and gorgeous daylight to capture few photos I'm absolutely in love with. I'm glad I decided to stop and smell the flowers because I really got to work at my own pace and enjoy myself. Without further adieu - Autofest 2014:

First of all, portraits!

I didn't get many shots of Franny, but I also attended with my little-sister-I-never-had Emily. She looks so natural and adorable in retro inspired attire.

 There were lots of beautiful candid moments and I took advantage of all the activity to light my night photos.

Every year my favourites are usually the kustoms (especially a certain one that appears every year with its tiger print interior). This year my favourite was a delectable Murcury Montclair which begged me to take a picture with it. Thanks again to Emily for being a pal and getting such a sweet shot for me <3

Pants are the tiger print cigarette pants by Deadly Dames from Pinup Girl Clothing.

I absolutely adore the details that frame the rear lights and the mirror headlights were too cool. Every detail on this car is a meticulous beauty of design. The condition, colour tones and overall harmony with the way the owners set it up was magical. Vintage sale ads sprawled in the back and the A&W tray was the cherry on top.

While you're attending, don't forget to meet some nice folks along the way and get your picture taken! @aprettypirate below with Emily and I, spotted this gem in an adorable tropical dress and those hot frames! Meow!

 That's all for this year, daddy-o! Keep your peepers peeled  for next years post as I will be setting up  major shoot for sure after the fun and success I had this year. For now, if you're not into waiting, look forward to my super new blog post on the Tiki Lani Lani party by the Toronto Vintage Society which just past this Saturday. Ooh!


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