Friday, 29 August 2014

TIKI LANI LANAI — Toronto Vintage Society's Annual Tiki Party

Almost a week since, I've finally got to getting the finishing touches on this mega blog post. I went into the weekend feeling like relaxing the camera and just enjoying the weekend's magical events, but quickly got taken away in the convivial atmosphere. Warmth, kitschy tunes and tiny umbrellas. Don't even get me started on the stunning vendor tables and delectable frocks. The vintage Torontonian never ceases to amaze while they dress to the nines in their authentic silhouettes and textiles. The textiles! Oh mon dieu! The inner artist/designer gets all riled up at the perfect harmony. Get riled, folks:

This is a huge post with 75+ images, you've been warned!

The main vendors this year were Celludloid Sleaze, a handmade collection of plastic jewelery that varies from flamingos (my favourite!) to bones and confetti lucite heart brooches, and Fruits of Bali by Shermette. The collection of florals and plastics are absolutely divine and I had a ball getting all the colourful and romantic pictures of them!

The poppy-red + violent ones were my favourite, the contrast was simply gorgeous.

Don't forget handmade pasties à la Tanya Cheex! Hooray for boobie jewels!

The vendor table doesn't run itself!

Shermette herself, and the lovely leading lady, Jacquie who is the curator and founder of the TVS! This woman throws as dashing party!

As well as tunes, there was a traditional hula performance along with a lesson by Hula in Toronto.

So many exceptionally coordinated outfits and styles. I wish I had taken the time to photograph more outfits as these folks knew what they were doing!

Let's not forget The Clarizians and The Gin and Tone-ics

What vintage summer party isn't complete with a classic swimsuit contest? VLV style ~

The competition was crazy difficult, of course.

The stage has been set, and the moment everyone has been waiting for...

Burlesque feature this year included three acts. The opening act was Dolly Berlin in a glittering and entrancing sway of glamour, followed by a debut performer, Blue Suede Sue, and her to-die-for Elvis act and a extra-spicy, extra-hot routine by Tanya Cheex herself. The flaming tassels were AMAZING in person, really, I couldn't do her stunning costume any justice.

This year I feel my photographs were more documentary than curated glamour as they were last year and so maybe I didn't quite get all the results I wanted in my usual standard, but I really wanted to enjoy the part itself this year and maybe not spend every moment clinging to my camera. Regardless, I had an incredible time with my squirrelfriend Franny and the overall event, from hula dancing to cheering on our jovial swimsuit contestants to hoping to catch a glove again during the burlesque. Here's to the TV and to the perfect ending to my Summer vacation. xo

Thanks to Shermette for the lovely capture of Franny and I! She got some great photos from the event posted on the TVS blog. Also, of course, some insta snaps. Check it out for some more pictures: @Teaserama. Click to enlarge.

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