Sunday, 22 June 2014


Shoes // Pinup Couture
Gloves // Vintage

My new-found  lady friend Alia Logan and I share a similar interest, and that is film. For such an occasion, I'm debuting our first film collaboration: Golden.
Shot at the luxurious and historically-rich Parkwood Estates, we took a day to wander and cause bewitchment with my 2014 prom look featuring the Ava dress by Pinup Couture, matching Pinup Couture shoes and my own personal vintage touches.

Best viewed in HD! Enjoy xo

xo C 

[PROM 2014] Golden

I considered my prom blog post to be 'huge' not in its length, or even the momentous size of the event, but on the hard effort and hours of research in finding a very period accurate outfit. I had initially wanted to buy a strictly vintage dress, but it proved insanely difficult to fulfill my vision while staying within my price/size range. I don't have a vintage figure, and I certainly am not large enough to fit in the "average" size category for vintage dresses, so I resorted to vintage reproduction from my dream brand Pinup Couture. My original inspiration came directly from my prom's theme and the vintage showgirl. The theme was Vegas (not vintage Vegas :c, but Vegas nonetheless) so the showgirl was essential. The dazzling metallic tones and sparkly jewels are totally my jive. I dreamed of beaded, floor-length gowns that dropped daringly low in the front and back, that shimmied with me to the bump and grind music, while still maintaining a demure Hollywood glamour. Didn't quite go my wait, but I still managed to get the period-accurate and feel just how I wanted.

Eventually I pinpointed the look and feel of my final outfit. Dark hair, thick brows, forward facing pincurls, and LOTS of gold. Gold was the main colour. I searched for over a year for the perfect dress, then I noticed PUG recently stocked the Ava in warm, charming gold and I bought it within that week. So much for a year of searching! (PS. I literally went through well over 1200 pages on Etsy and I'm not proud LOL). 

The unpacking process was quite invigorating since this was my first ever PUG purchase. To me it was legendary, the clothes I always wanted, that catered to my richest form of style the best, that never ceased to amaze. Especially in my small city, at that! Virtually no one in my city owns any PUG clothing, and up until this point, I had only ever SEEN their clothes in Canada a handful of times. Didn't take much after that to say "okay, bombshell heels it is!" and I ordered a pair of sparkly, pointed pumps to match. 

For jewels, I went back to my nifty resource: Etsy. I wanted to buy within Canada to save on shipping but I also had very picky tastes. I wanted a seller who had a good rep and was skilled in giving an accurate guess to the year/era of the jewelery to make sure I was period accurate. I found that seller, and her store name is Hip Cricket. Fast shipping, a wide variety of eras and styles, her preview/product images are great and they came shipped with an adorable post card and wrapped carefully (she even gifted me a small lapel pin!). It's a gorgeous 50s parure set with dangle earrings, necklace and bracelet. The center pieces seem to either have some age or yellow-tinting and I thought that would make a great connection with the gold while still having some contrast with the silver. For this I looked to Marilyn (when she did wear jewelery in films) and again, the showgirl.

In the end, stockings didn't make it onto my prom checklist. I felt they wouldn't suit the tulip skirt on the dress and finding a nude that was light enough for gold but not too light for me was difficult. I also ditched out on a clutch since I brought my camera bag with me and there wasn't much I could do about looking fancy with a clutch there haha. Not with a huge, black side bag lols. Gloves were vintage as well! Picked them up at a flea market. Doesn't get more vintage-nerdy than that!

So for my "big night", the goal was to look as if I stepped out of a pink Cadillac and into a late fifties Vegas party reserved for individuals of the Hollywood breed. I have expensive tastes and expectations for myself. Nothing but the best, no less. xo

And of course, obligatory photos from the event!