Sunday, 9 March 2014

[FrannyPanties] The Solid Gold Showgirl

Since I unfortunately missed the absolutely alluring performance miss Franny had put on over New Years Eve, I was fortunate enough to shoot the costume. It's a gorgeous, satin, multi-piece outfit that gets swept away to Duke Ellington's Rockin' In Rhythm. Lots of beads, lots of detail, and lots of homemade work went into it! (Hey, see that section of beading on the left bra? I help bead 2/3 of that cup! Go me!) Franny hand-beaded the cups, tassels on her pasties, hand-made the pasties, adorned the bra cups and thong and designed the skirt pieces that are part of the act. All in all, it's pretty mesmerizing. It also made from some mesmerizing and pretty photos! check it out! <3


That's all folks! xoxo