Saturday, 15 February 2014

FrannyPanties in 'Sweet Dreams'

Post-Valentine's... post?
Franny and I have had our Valentine's shoot, but it's in the process of being published with Tassel Twirl, which I'm immensely excited to share! (preview at the bottom*) To make up for that, we're sharing a secret set from our previous shoot ('I Think I Married A Witch') that has never been seen before. 

For V-Day, I spent the week preparing cupcakes, a trifle cake for Bradley and I, planning an outfit and sleepover with Bradley among so much homework hahaha. There were cards, snuggles, gifts and photo shoot planning galore, so I'm one happy bunny <3

I got Bradley Neil DeGrasse Tyson's novel Space Chronicles and he got me a camera bag and some chocolates etc. EEE, I can't brag.
For my outfit I pranced around in a 40s bias cut burgundy dress with a fresh pageboy and my 40s t-straps + vintage stockings. No photos yet, though :c But I do have Franny photos! 
Enjoy xo C

And bonus featuring Babs LeClair xoxo 

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