Sunday, 3 November 2013

I Think I Married a Witch!

Two weeks ago Franny and I were quite the busy bees, with shoots and her burlesque all coming up, we had an enormous workload. We got out the strobes (courtesy of the amazing Derek Cutting!) and set up at her house to shoot some spooky, cheesecake delights. That day we shot three separate sets, although I can only share the one for now since the other two are super important and must remain top [cough] secret [magazine submissions] for now [cough].

Started the day off with some prop shopping, bread and cheese consuming, we then got to doing what we do best:

[Guest appearance by Kow LeClair]

Franny and I are both admirers of 60s pop culture of course, but more specifically the trend that came along with shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, the cheeky supernatural-comedy spin-offs. I think it's hard to miss the influences here.

Model/H/MUA/Wardrobe // FrannyPanties
Photos/Direction/Post-processing // Courtney Reader 2013

xo Courtney

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