Friday, 1 November 2013

Franny Panties' Burlesque Debut

If you didn't already know, last Sunday was Franny Panties' (Frances, of course) debut burlesque performance at Wasted Space's one year anniversary party! I'm so so proud of her and her amazing performance. She put on a creative and exciting show and was very well received. I got the lucky chance of taking some shots and I'm super hyped to share them. Stick around and I'll even be able to share the video format of her show with you guys!


The set featured the instrumentals to the Disney classic short Silly Symphonies Skeleton Dance and Franny's own hand-beaded pearl rib-cage. A darling set if I do say so, and she most certainly charmed the audience. There were 4 other performers that night and when I'm through all the post-processing and such I'll update this post!


  1. this is amazing! I would love for you to do one foe me sometimes (: