Monday, 7 October 2013

What's Been Keeping Me Busy

So obviously school and such has had me working on projects, but I have art and Fashion/Sewing this semester so it has been lots of creative work! I have several things to share this month but for now onyl a few until I can get solid scans/photos of the other things.

In Fashion we're hand-sewing items so the grade 11s (it's a grade 11/12 split) can learn the basics (blanket stitching and understanding fibers, etc). This means I've been pulled into a few cute crafts along the way, and even finished a hand-sewn things and stuffed pumpkin today (sorry, no photos yet!). One is a felt owl glasses case for our safety glasses inspired by the owl iphone case. The other is a stuffed felt turkey! How adorable:

Pardon my rather messy blanket stitch, but I had to catch up after missing a few days from being sick so I rushed a tiny bit.

Like I said, I have been hard at work with art too and I have lots of sketches and such to post, so look out for those! For now, here's a snippet of a "Rendering in Pencil" study sheet I've been working on.

xo Courtney

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