Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[Photography] Alice's Parkwood

Parkwood estates is a lovely gem in my city. It's an estate from the 1930s that was built for Robert McLaughlin and it contains a large garden and fountain area that is open to the public for free (although, house tours are around $8 I think). This means bunches of photogs get in on it, and especially if you're me, the fashion/glamour portrait photographer who's entire work is inspired and driven by vintage/deco periods. It's just a 25 minute walk from my home, or a 7 minute bus ride.

Getting on with my post, a high school bud (well, you could say that), Brandon, and I decided to do just what many others have done and take creative advantage of the free gardens. We'd been planing our mini-shoot for some time and we finally got things figured out (after I muffled up, haha) and got to shooting on the 17th. The weather was a little grey, but the colours were in full swing. I got some shots of Brandon being the awesome fellow photog he is, and I got inspired by the pretty and kept gardens to experiment in post-processing...

 The grand Brando (whom I've endearing nicknamed because I've been dying to know someone I could name after Marlon whom I actually endear).
 This is where I started to experiment with almost minimalistic photos but complex post-processing.

I can't help to admit that these were loosely Alice in Wonderland inspired, but I doubt many people could take a walk through the gardens of McLaughlin's old abode and think anything else. It's just darling and they keep it up very well. I plan to return with many, many ideas as I progress in my skills.

The shoot was delectably fun getting to catch up with my cynical bud, share very opinionated opinions on photography (I don't know how to not be opinionated, especially in photography), and he even bought us a delicious pizza to top it off! (Perfection right there, folks: Pizza + Photogs!)
xo Courtney
[ps. If Brandon shares any photos soon, I'll update this post with a few!]

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