Monday, 14 October 2013

[OOTD] Kitten

I recently picked up a wool, brown and full vintage skirt from the lovely little shop TBL and I instantly paired it with my F21 beaded cardigan. I later went back to the store to check out their recent sale to find the matching blazer to the skirt (for only $5 at that! Thank-you Bradley <3). I haven't gotten an photos of the blazer yet, but I will and when I do I'll update this post. {NOTE: I did edit the post and they're at the bottom!

I have quite a few dresses, but I think I only own two other skirts aside from this one. I really needed something classic, yet thick and cozy for the winter. With a good pair of stockings, it's completely wearable in the winter! It's actually a little too warm for the early fall weather right now.

Cardigan - Forever 21
Blouse, Shoes & Skirt - Vintage, The Bearded Lady
Stockings - La Vie en Rose
Glasses - Claire's

The earring are also vintage, a gift from my mother, and I'm wearing Kate Moss' Matte 102 from Rimmel 

xo Courtney
Edit: [Bonus Photos]

Finally got some extra shots of the blazer! xo

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