Monday, 21 October 2013

Halloween and Glamorous [For the Spooky and Spectacular]

Each year, Halloween is something different for me. Sometimes I stay in and hand out candy (well, not since I lived in a house, anyway.), sometimes I just snuggle down with a few good movies, and sometimes I even make it out to events or trick or treating (though, that's been a while too).

[These are paid ads, as I am part of an affiliate program with Modcloth, although I am providing my sincerest interests and opinions on each item and referral.]
So maybe you're making out to some different locations but you're not sure what to wear yet. Don't worry, I'm not a big costume person, in all actuality. I have lots of ideas, but I either can't pull through with them, or don't know where to start so I can pull them off. Despite that, there's always spooky little options that ring out with the Fall/October/Halloween season.

 Whether it's a party, casual day at work/school, or outfit inspired by a costume, I've got some ideas and inspirational pieces ready!

One of my favourite places to shop online and drool at their latest pieces is ModCloth. In the following post I have a few somber and stylish treats that will put your artsy wardrobe into full autumn gear!

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Dia de los Muertos Cardigan in Black from ModClothSwoon Enough Dress from ModClothGlad to the Bone Leggings in Black from ModClothInto the Night Boot from ModCloth
How about a cozy yet edgy skull cardi paired with a sweet contrasting dress. Don't forget skull tights to add the extra flair and a classic pair of lace-up hike boots that says 'leaf scuffling'!
Francophile Feline Top from ModClothMusee Rodin Skirt from ModClothCharter School Cardigan in Orchid from ModClothTrendy Traveler Flat from ModCloth
Black cats and pointed toes! Ooh, and that classic combination of a cold orchid and night sea green. Ghouls look out, you're on the prowl!

Spice it up with a matching bag!

Critter on the Dance Floor Bag from ModCloth - $69.99

A night on the town becomes even more purr-fect thanks to the edgy style of this cat bag! This black vegan faux-leather kitty comes equipped with a pocketed, sn...

Party time!

Just Like the Movies Dress from ModClothGet It, Got It, Go-See Heel in Black from ModClothA Modern Fascinator from ModClothLip Stain in Red Velvet from ModCloth
Oh my! How vampy and dramatic! The Just Like the Movies Dress from ModCloth really is just like the movies. Such a 50s/60s vibe, and top (haha) it off with a delectable fascinator, pointed t-straps heels and a velvet rich Lip Stain in Red Velvet from ModCloth

And something a little more vintage-intense.

Thoroughly Mod Dress in Orange Scooter from ModClothMod-ly in Love Heel from ModClothPeek of Pattern Circle Scarf Set in Buttons from ModClothTights for Every Occasion in Cobalt from ModCloth
Why not show up to your Halloween event as a real mod? Colour-blocking delight when you show up in this great vintage-inspired outfit completely available from ModClothHey, even take a chance and show up to work or school in this eye-catching outfit of an era not-so-forgotten.

That's my post! If you're ever looking for outfit ideas and inspiration, check out ModCloth's extensive collection of vintage-inspired clothing for the modern woman. (Try not to get sucked into hours of window shopping, I dare you) They always have new cuts, textiles and designs that never cease to amaze me.

Also, you can see inspo from my Pinterest or my Polyvore!

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