Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Trip to Toronto

So last Saturday my lovely boyfriend, Bradley, and I made our way to Toronto for a mini-shopping trip. It had been a while since I'd been into the city for a casual trip and it was well needed after a difficult week. I was mostly excited about taking photos moreso than spending my money haha, oi. So today's post is more of a digital photo book, that being said, after you, reader:

Despite my ridiculous-looking face, I genuinely had a fantastic day with Brad and teaching how to be my next human tripod. hehe

Queen St Adventures

He does take quite the photos, doesn't he? I looked forward to this trip for some time, but my best bit retrospectively is how much I've overall enjoyed the past few weeks with Brad. We'll definitely be seeing more of him soon in the future of this blog. The Toronto trip was just the cherry on top.

I also picked up a few shirts at The Black Market's large underground space. I finally got my first Cramps shirt and I'm simply ecstatic. I'll get photos soon, I thought I'd at least do the shirts and this blog some justice by taking photos of my actually wearing them, but I have to get the time this week, but they will happen!

xo Courtney


  1. Love you, love this, and your boyfriend looks cute. We should double.

    1. Mega-rove you! Thanks-you bb, gettin on a plane now let's do this.