Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[Photography] Alice's Parkwood

Parkwood estates is a lovely gem in my city. It's an estate from the 1930s that was built for Robert McLaughlin and it contains a large garden and fountain area that is open to the public for free (although, house tours are around $8 I think). This means bunches of photogs get in on it, and especially if you're me, the fashion/glamour portrait photographer who's entire work is inspired and driven by vintage/deco periods. It's just a 25 minute walk from my home, or a 7 minute bus ride.

Getting on with my post, a high school bud (well, you could say that), Brandon, and I decided to do just what many others have done and take creative advantage of the free gardens. We'd been planing our mini-shoot for some time and we finally got things figured out (after I muffled up, haha) and got to shooting on the 17th. The weather was a little grey, but the colours were in full swing. I got some shots of Brandon being the awesome fellow photog he is, and I got inspired by the pretty and kept gardens to experiment in post-processing...

 The grand Brando (whom I've endearing nicknamed because I've been dying to know someone I could name after Marlon whom I actually endear).
 This is where I started to experiment with almost minimalistic photos but complex post-processing.

I can't help to admit that these were loosely Alice in Wonderland inspired, but I doubt many people could take a walk through the gardens of McLaughlin's old abode and think anything else. It's just darling and they keep it up very well. I plan to return with many, many ideas as I progress in my skills.

The shoot was delectably fun getting to catch up with my cynical bud, share very opinionated opinions on photography (I don't know how to not be opinionated, especially in photography), and he even bought us a delicious pizza to top it off! (Perfection right there, folks: Pizza + Photogs!)
xo Courtney
[ps. If Brandon shares any photos soon, I'll update this post with a few!]

Monday, 21 October 2013

Halloween and Glamorous [For the Spooky and Spectacular]

Each year, Halloween is something different for me. Sometimes I stay in and hand out candy (well, not since I lived in a house, anyway.), sometimes I just snuggle down with a few good movies, and sometimes I even make it out to events or trick or treating (though, that's been a while too).

[These are paid ads, as I am part of an affiliate program with Modcloth, although I am providing my sincerest interests and opinions on each item and referral.]
So maybe you're making out to some different locations but you're not sure what to wear yet. Don't worry, I'm not a big costume person, in all actuality. I have lots of ideas, but I either can't pull through with them, or don't know where to start so I can pull them off. Despite that, there's always spooky little options that ring out with the Fall/October/Halloween season.

 Whether it's a party, casual day at work/school, or outfit inspired by a costume, I've got some ideas and inspirational pieces ready!

One of my favourite places to shop online and drool at their latest pieces is ModCloth. In the following post I have a few somber and stylish treats that will put your artsy wardrobe into full autumn gear!

[Click any of the following items to check them out!]

Dia de los Muertos Cardigan in Black from ModClothSwoon Enough Dress from ModClothGlad to the Bone Leggings in Black from ModClothInto the Night Boot from ModCloth
How about a cozy yet edgy skull cardi paired with a sweet contrasting dress. Don't forget skull tights to add the extra flair and a classic pair of lace-up hike boots that says 'leaf scuffling'!
Francophile Feline Top from ModClothMusee Rodin Skirt from ModClothCharter School Cardigan in Orchid from ModClothTrendy Traveler Flat from ModCloth
Black cats and pointed toes! Ooh, and that classic combination of a cold orchid and night sea green. Ghouls look out, you're on the prowl!

Spice it up with a matching bag!

Critter on the Dance Floor Bag from ModCloth - $69.99

A night on the town becomes even more purr-fect thanks to the edgy style of this cat bag! This black vegan faux-leather kitty comes equipped with a pocketed, sn...

Party time!

Just Like the Movies Dress from ModClothGet It, Got It, Go-See Heel in Black from ModClothA Modern Fascinator from ModClothLip Stain in Red Velvet from ModCloth
Oh my! How vampy and dramatic! The Just Like the Movies Dress from ModCloth really is just like the movies. Such a 50s/60s vibe, and top (haha) it off with a delectable fascinator, pointed t-straps heels and a velvet rich Lip Stain in Red Velvet from ModCloth

And something a little more vintage-intense.

Thoroughly Mod Dress in Orange Scooter from ModClothMod-ly in Love Heel from ModClothPeek of Pattern Circle Scarf Set in Buttons from ModClothTights for Every Occasion in Cobalt from ModCloth
Why not show up to your Halloween event as a real mod? Colour-blocking delight when you show up in this great vintage-inspired outfit completely available from ModClothHey, even take a chance and show up to work or school in this eye-catching outfit of an era not-so-forgotten.

That's my post! If you're ever looking for outfit ideas and inspiration, check out ModCloth's extensive collection of vintage-inspired clothing for the modern woman. (Try not to get sucked into hours of window shopping, I dare you) They always have new cuts, textiles and designs that never cease to amaze me.

Also, you can see inspo from my Pinterest or my Polyvore!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

[Self Portraits] Tough Lover

I tried some new techniques the other day before my huge shoot with Frances. I think it went successfully.
To achieve it, I initially wanted to take silhouettes, so I placed one softbox behind me and one in front of me. I used one softbox behind me for the silhouette effect, but utilized the second one to bring out my features then allowed the one behind to work as a backdrop and hair light.

Keep on the lookout for my Franny photos, because they're absolutely STUNNING. How about a teaser?

xo Courtney

Senior Portraits [Winter/Spring]

Now booking senior portraits for the winter and spring/summer seasons.
Packages start at $150.00 for 5 images
Visit my booking page for more information:

Sonny Photography

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

On Shoots, Rebel Crews and Inspiration

If there's anything more important to highly stylised artist or creative individual, it's inspiration. When you're in the world of a subculture, especially that of Rockabilly/Retro and Pinup, it's tough to claim a unique substance int he community. It's not always what you got, but how you use it.

So if you're a retro, fashionable and creative person like myself (tutting my own horn, deal with it), you understand that inspiration can be difficult to come by.

One outlet I've picked up on is Pinterest, because I can keep isolated sections of what I'm looking for and refer back to them. So if you haven't checked out my pin boards for shoots already, head over!

Now, being a Creative Canadian, it's also quite difficult to acquire stylised clothes, shoes, shoot props etc. without having to buy online or suffer at an intense shipping cost. Though, don't fret, there are Canadian retailers to give us darlings a break! One in particular is Rosie The Rebel Boutique. They host an online store, and boast two boutiques in Canada. One in Toronto, another in Newfoundland (addresses at the bottom of the post!).

Now, now, I know Canadian retailers are typically not much more of a convenience, but trust me, RTR definitely is. Some clothing companies cost about $50 shipping from the US to Canada, but at Rosie's it's free shipping on orders over $50! Not only that, but they carry a darling selection and I don't think there's one item over $100 online.

Getting to my point: You're retro and glamorous, you're creative, you wan to feel inspired yet unique. I'm in the same boat, as I have access to shooting capabilities with dear Franny, though sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and need to sit down and consciously consider what I want to shoot. So, in need of original yet fitting to my personal style, I turn to my local retailers.

Rosie The Rebel carries brands I love like Hell Bunny, Heartbreaker, Lucky 13 etc. for the perfect prices.

All things I can afford on an indie-blogtographer's budget!
They also stock Lindy Bop dresses from the UK, and buying them here dodges a lot of shipping prices AND I can try the dresses on in store if I want to. I'm thinking of purchasing the Ophelia dress for my prom, actually, and it's gone straight into the Promsperation board on Pinterest.

Deco Dame
Frances and I want to do some very classic shoots but take a personal twist on them, of course. I've had in mind, admittedly, ever since I began watching Honey West, wanted to so a 60s pulpy sexy spy shoot, complete with Heartbreaker's Super Spy dress. It's the perfect silhouette, nay? I'm also very interested in shooting something nautical themed, though, with a different concept. The nautical theme gets thrown around too easily, but with the options from Hell Bunny at RTR, I can change it up from the navy boredom classic.
Take a look inside Rosie The Rebel's online boutique, and if you're in town, one of their two locations in Canada.

In-store Locations:
961 Bloor St. West ( at Ossington Subway Station), Toronto, ON 
254 Water Street, St. John’s, NL

If you like what you see, keep an eye for future shoots and prom posts! ;)

xo Courtney

Monday, 14 October 2013

[OOTD] Kitten

I recently picked up a wool, brown and full vintage skirt from the lovely little shop TBL and I instantly paired it with my F21 beaded cardigan. I later went back to the store to check out their recent sale to find the matching blazer to the skirt (for only $5 at that! Thank-you Bradley <3). I haven't gotten an photos of the blazer yet, but I will and when I do I'll update this post. {NOTE: I did edit the post and they're at the bottom!

I have quite a few dresses, but I think I only own two other skirts aside from this one. I really needed something classic, yet thick and cozy for the winter. With a good pair of stockings, it's completely wearable in the winter! It's actually a little too warm for the early fall weather right now.

Cardigan - Forever 21
Blouse, Shoes & Skirt - Vintage, The Bearded Lady
Stockings - La Vie en Rose
Glasses - Claire's

The earring are also vintage, a gift from my mother, and I'm wearing Kate Moss' Matte 102 from Rimmel 

xo Courtney
Edit: [Bonus Photos]

Finally got some extra shots of the blazer! xo