Friday, 6 September 2013

Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Courtney Reader Photography and The Bearded Lady Vintage Boutique combine forces at Oshawa's 20th Annual Autofest to bring you Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Keep reading for Behind The Scenes images and vintage love!

Every year I shoot at Oshawa's Autofest. This was my 5th year, but only my 4th year ever taking pictures there, and my third where I've set up a big shoot. The best art about this year was that I got to collaborate with my local vintage boutique, The Bearded Lady. Amanda, the lovely owner, has been super sweet and totally rad about shooting, and it's been a wonderful experience. There was some rough parts on the road, but in the end, we achieved some great photos for the day.

The night before I made my way over to France's and I rolled her's and Sylvia's hair into pincurls to achieve authenticity. I started roughly with a Lauren Bacall vintage setting pattern (for Fran). Unfortunately, the humidity had fought us and no matter what the curls would not take. For Sylvia, I did some simple stand-up pincurls for a super voluminous fifties ponytail and curly side bang.

Still, Sylvia and Frances were total troopers about sleeping in the curls and it was super fun!

My outfit for the event was very similar to my Tiki Party outfit, with the exception of the hair scarf change.

Couldn't have looked more swell!

Some gorgeous test photos.

Gloves, Bags and Hats from The Bearded Lady!

Dress, Gloves, Shoes, Bag and Belt - Bearded Lady

Models/MU - Sylvia Haché & Frances LeClair
Styling - Frances LeClair
Hair/Photos/Post - Self

And a shot by Frances of myself in one of the many lovely cars we were lucky enough to shoot in!

xoxo Courtney

Bonus photos:

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