Monday, 30 September 2013


Another shoot with the adorable Frances LeClair xo

Test shot! xo

We decided to do a mini-test shoot in my room with the new strobe lights and now looking back on them I can see all the major flaws I made during the shoot. Experimentation is key and I now know where I need to improve my techniques and what to do differently. If I could rewind, it would be dramatically different.

xo Courtney

Friday, 27 September 2013

[Guest Post] Leah Loverich: Personal and Best Outfit

Leah Loverich Leah Loverich
Hello lovely followers and viewers of The Deco Dame, my name is Leah Loverich and you can most often find me blogging over at, or posting to, however today I am delighted to say that I will be publishing to The Deco Dame, and this is my first ever guest post for a fellow blogger. I am extremely honoured that Courtney has allowed me to share a little something on her blog, and I do hope you enjoy my piece

Courtney and I both share a love for vintage fashion and style so what perfect way for us to collaborate than to both create posts for one another on our most favourite vintage ensembles. And so, here I have for you a post on an outfit (though more directly on a certain dress) of mine that I feel has strongly influenced a slight and continuous change in my personal style, though a simple outfit I will share the pieces with in it and details of when, how and why I come to own these pieces and why I feel they are having such an impact on my personal style. Courtneys beautiful guest post for me can be found 'here'. 

Leah Loverich
Leah Loverich
The outfit  in question is pictured above to the left (the Queens Mother to the right was inspiration), it was worn on a visit to a beautiful and historical estate only a mere 10 minute drive from my house, a place which I also spent a great deal of my childhood exploring and which has influenced my love of the Historic and the lavish, Blickling House and Estate. The visit was to explore the house and wonderful English gardens (hence the terrible faux fur trim booties, but I will get to that in a little bit!). The outfit itself simply consists of a 1930s wedding dress, a 1930s wax flower crown (worn as a necklace), a 1940s bamboo basket, and oddly 1940s style fur trim Gaytee booties, I felt that with wearing a wedding dress on average day, I had to sort or casual the rest of myself down a little (though secretly I wanted to wear the veil as a shawl, the crown upon my head and a basket of flowers!).
Leah Loverich
Leah Loverich
Leah Loverich
This 1930s wedding dress was purchased early February from a favourite Auction house of mine, I happily travel all over England for Actions but this little place is a true love of mine. Along with the dress came the 1930s wax flower crown and a little bronze sequin Art Deco bag. I can't remember exactly what I paid but I was instantly drawn to it because upon first seeing it I instantly thought of Louis Icart and the dresses within his work where are always so delicate, sheer and flowing (such as shown below)...
Leah Loverich
Leah Loverich
Finally I have my fur trim booties (know as Gaytees in the 1940s, and purchased from Miss L Fire), one could say they ruined my rather simple and delicate outfit though I did wear them for a purpose; the English summer time is so unpredictable and with it having rained the day before I was expecting the grounds of Blickling to be rather soggy. Though the boots were of perfect height for the dress and were only ever seen when a whoosh of wind hit my dress! 

Thank you for viewing/reading!

Leah Loverich

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Frock Finds

Vintage boutique The Bearded Lady has a sale on today and tomorrow and I picked up a few things for myself, including some new patterns for fashion! The sale is 25% off regular items and an additional 50% clearance items (hoi!).

The one burgundy dress I was planning on buying a while ago, but it had to be put off for other things. On sale for a lovely $5! Gloves are also from TBL.

I really wanted to get this blouse so I could put my own hemming on the bottom since it had been trimmed. A pet-project to get creative and practise! Only $2 on clearance.

My favourite time I bought was this fifties knit dress. It's thick and fits perfectly. With a pair of stockings and my t-strap heels this will definitely prove to be my favourite winter outfit, me thinks! $20 <3

Also picked up two gorgeous 60s patterns for my fashion class at only $2 (regular $4) each. The collars! Oh my! <3
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Time to relax with some red vanilla tea and set up for tomorrows shoot! 

xo Courtney

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Short Hair, Long Nights. Dark Locks, Bright Lights

A brief update since I've recently trimmed the locks! I've been getting really tired over the long hair and it's exhausting trying to pincurl it. I find it just wasn't setting how I wanted, and now that I've trimmed it I doubt I'll go back to longer hair for a while. It not only looks better straight, it looks absolutely doll when it's been set.

I'm making the post also because it gave me an inspo for some self portraits! Enjoy xo

Once it grows in a bit, it will style into a perfect pageboy! <3

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xo Courtney

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Art Atitude

A miniature art update again!

Click to enlarge
A Matadors inspired piece

Copic Ciao markers, Copic felt tip BS pen liner in black
Standard weight, approx. 6" x 10"

Flash tattoo inspired illustrations.

Copic felt tip pen liner in brown, Copic Ciao markers
on Cardstock, approx. 2.5" x 3" each.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Courtney Reader Photography and The Bearded Lady Vintage Boutique combine forces at Oshawa's 20th Annual Autofest to bring you Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Keep reading for Behind The Scenes images and vintage love!

Every year I shoot at Oshawa's Autofest. This was my 5th year, but only my 4th year ever taking pictures there, and my third where I've set up a big shoot. The best art about this year was that I got to collaborate with my local vintage boutique, The Bearded Lady. Amanda, the lovely owner, has been super sweet and totally rad about shooting, and it's been a wonderful experience. There was some rough parts on the road, but in the end, we achieved some great photos for the day.

The night before I made my way over to France's and I rolled her's and Sylvia's hair into pincurls to achieve authenticity. I started roughly with a Lauren Bacall vintage setting pattern (for Fran). Unfortunately, the humidity had fought us and no matter what the curls would not take. For Sylvia, I did some simple stand-up pincurls for a super voluminous fifties ponytail and curly side bang.

Still, Sylvia and Frances were total troopers about sleeping in the curls and it was super fun!

My outfit for the event was very similar to my Tiki Party outfit, with the exception of the hair scarf change.

Couldn't have looked more swell!

Some gorgeous test photos.

Gloves, Bags and Hats from The Bearded Lady!

Dress, Gloves, Shoes, Bag and Belt - Bearded Lady

Models/MU - Sylvia Haché & Frances LeClair
Styling - Frances LeClair
Hair/Photos/Post - Self

And a shot by Frances of myself in one of the many lovely cars we were lucky enough to shoot in!

xoxo Courtney

Bonus photos: