Sunday, 18 August 2013

Vintage T-Straps + Burial at Sea

If you haven't seen the new DLC for Bioshock, you're missing out, plain and simple. Obviously related, I picked up the pair of t-straps from The Bearded Lady the other day and spent the day at my mother's photographing things. Much to share but for now, let me tell you about Elizabeth and upcoming things.

I needed a pair desperately but beside that, I'm in awe of Liz's new model for the game (and the game art, hoi!)
You can click either image to enlarge (you have to see the full version of that art, good golly!)
I've decided that I'm for sure going to cosplay Elizabeth in this format for the overall style fits my regular wear anyhow haha. Though I might not make it FanExpo Toronto this year, I'll be prepared for future events. So obviously, the shoes are part of my wardrobe and the cosplay (almost exact if you look closely).
But anyhow, some more photos!

xo Courtney

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