Thursday, 29 August 2013

Toronto Vintage and Retro Society's Tiki Tacky Patio Party

An overdue post I have just realised! I've been so busy with other things going on I forgot to give you guys n gals the rundown! I have lots of images from the event! xo

It was a grand trip for us (Fran and Joe) to go into Toronto for the day to peruse and for the party. Spotted lots of unique things, had some poutine, and saw a darling burlesque performance by the divine Dolly Berlin from the Great Canadian Burlesque!

The event was at the Cadillac Lounge, an awesome and stylised bar with a great back patio.

Stopped in a few antique store, of course since there are so many on Queen street alone.

Best poutine thus far in my 17 years, and they're putting one in my city *___*

 Darling and interesting architecture of TO/Queen west.

The event was sponsored by a number of people including Makeup Forever and Ethel: 20th century living vintage furniture. The first 40 people received gift bags with tester makeup, tiki shot glasses and various cars for discounts/advertisement, and two TVRS pins. It feels good to rep the vintage community LOL <3

Joe's extra excited for the ripcurl tunes that ensued.

There was an awesome raffle and I had one two items: 2 free paddle boarding lessons and a $200 pinup photo shoot with Dana Brushette Photography (oh, irony).

The fab surf rock Toronto band The Calrizians played the bad ass tunes for the evening. I jammed hard, sorrynotsorry.

Warning: Burlesque ahead (no nudity!)

I think I can speak for many other people in the crowd: her performance was stunning! I've watched lots of burlesque online, but my first in person and it really intensified the experience. Love love LOVED this woman! <3

great photo ops!

How low can you go?

Jaquie and Liz: the force behind the TVRS! Absolute sweethearts xo

Don't forget all the tiki swag for sale!

Dolly in non-burlesque-mode obliging sweetly to a photo.

a grand and enjoyable ride home xo


  1. Looks like such a fun event. I love the colorful outfits and that performance looks amazing!

    1. It was! It was so awesome to be surrounded by people all with similar interests/the same subculture. Me too! I was quite jealous of the lot of them, so perfect! Oh don't get me started on Dolly, she was grand. I'm looking forward to seeing one of he full performances next summer.

  2. love your photos! i need to keep updated with events in Toronto since I love attending them so much :)

    - Janine

    1. Waah, thank-you! haha, the TVRS has the best weekend updates, I'm fully subscribed. Anything retro/vintage that happens, I'm there! Hope to see you at some wicked future parties! xo C:

  3. Great post! I'm finally getting around to posting about the event on my blog (been such a busy summer) and I'm going to make sure to share this post with my readers as your photos are fantastic and way better then my iPhone photos lol :) -Liz

    1. Aye, I hear ya! Aww, you're too too sweet, I appreciate all the kind words! <3

      Much Love xo

    2. Oh! and just in case you want to change the link, it might need to be changed but I think Blogger keeps links the same for that purpose, but I'm changing my blog url tonight so you might have to change it! Pardon all the mixed up business with that lol.

  4. The picture of you and Joe, haha, I love it! These are great, looks like so much fun!

  5. Ah! Just stumbled on this, I remember you from the party! You need to come to more of the TVS events!!! Really great photos by the way!

    1. Whoa, I remember you too! :D I'm looking forward to it, I'll see ya there! And ditto, great blog+style oh my! <3