Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Old Hollywood/TV Film Facts

Over the past few years I've gathered up and read some quite interesting things. I have many many facts I could possibly share but I'm cutting it down to 5 or so every time I make a post. Keep a look out for each post here and there!

1 - Vivian Vance. In the mid 1960s when William Frawley (Fred) passed, upon hearing the news at a restaurant, she exclaimed "Champagne for everyone!". I've heard that Frawley wasn't quite so popular on the set of I Love Lucy, so it doesn't quite come as a surprise, though, Vivian in her own right was a opinionated woman! Gotta love Viv! 

2 - Larry Hagman. (via neatorama)

'When asked about I Dream of Jeannie, Larry would always respond with his three pat answers. He said, "I always get asked the same three questions about I Dream of Jeannie, and the answers are:

1. Yes, Barbara Eden was as beautiful in real life as she was on the show.

2. No, she never showed her belly button on the show.


3. No, we didn't."

He even stated that Eden was "the most beautiful girl in the world." How sweet!

If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie, and Major Tony Nelson is my dream husband! LOL

3- Veronica Lake. Lake made reportedly $12 million in war bonds (via wiki) though during the ww2 era she has cut her precious locks for "women's safety" in the workplace since women were wearing their hair too long [in trend-following of miss Lake].

4 - Vincent Price was actually born Hobart Daubenmier (though it was common for movie stars to change their names, his birth name is very interesting!) and he only stood 5'3" tall (via -

5 - James Dean, the sex symbol of all male sex symbols, is suspected to be homosexual. Many today believe that it is confirmed of his sexuality in his close relationships, thought it's moreso up for great debate than anything. I personally think I need some more evidence before I go shouting at the rooftops c;

You can read more about that on his Wiki page, I believe.

That's All Folks! (for now!)

xo Courtney


  1. I love I Dream of Jeanie. It was such an awesome show!