Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sweet, Gentle Rain + Vintage Find + PUGStyle

So way way back in the spring I got the wonderful chance to shoot with a gal I met named Sarah. She has this adorable taste and self sense of style, so working with her was dreamy and perfect. I seem to get great luck in working with natural blondes <3

Pardon that it's so late, I've had so much to catch up on (this shoot was even BEFORE I got my D7000!) and alongside not having a permanent computer I'm practically lost with my work this summer. I have been shooting and I even have a few outfit posts ready, I just don't have the computer time to edit and post :c.

Anyroad, on with the photos!

 We also ran into a soft and friendly cat that must have lived next somewhere near! He was just wandering the courtyard of Parkwood Estates.

There may be more to come but I'll have to get through even more photos from other shoots.

Back in spring I also picked up this delightful vintage homemaker dress. I'm a sucker for vintage pinks and florals so I had to scoop it up or only $35. After some wear, though, I noticed it had been resewn almost everywhere but the sleeves, which makes sense because it's an older dress and the threading would have been frail.So I fixed the sleeves up myself and tada, it's a gorgeous spring dress! A little to heavy for a Canadian summer, but I this dress never ceases to turn heads.

click any to enlarge

Pardon the mirror photos, I had to take them before I ran off to school.

I've decided to become more active on my PUGStyle page (Pinup Girl Style - hosted by the clothing company Pinup Girl Clothing). I really love that the company's personal beliefs are to bring together women and their community is really helpful. So join me and the thousands of others:

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  1. I love the pleated dress. Such a beautiful print!

    1. Thanks! Same, it's absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?