Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jeepers, Peepers! (Sneak Peek)

I like to brag about every shoot with Frances, because they're absolutely delectable. I always get gorgeous shots like no other and it doesn't take long for me to get completely immersed in whatever concept we're shooting. She's a true dollface, ya dig?

Frances is also one of the few people who understand my #vintagenerd obsessions (you have no idea how obsessed we really are, I swear), so when I picked up That Vintage RoseMarie Reid Swimsuit, I was eager to set up a shoot right away! We're pretty similar in size as well, so you can imagine what's to come as our vintage wardrobes grow. I've already been planning ahead for the 20th Annual AutoFest this August! Ouuu, so much retro and vintage things going on this summer has just felt old, I love it. Alrighty, getting off track here.

We initially set up the for a day at the lake but that day it had decided to downpour, so Joe and I went to meet Frances at the studio I shot for last spring (Studio-0) and got a few neat shots in the vintage safes (I'm still working on those photos, bear with me). I posted some BTS photos of that on my Instagram a while back, though we did reschedule to shoot the lake and it did happen! No great BTS photos of me shooting unfortunately, but I promise I'll get some during this summer!

That post is soon to come but this is more of an Insta-Update. Once I get more shots finished from the shoot I'll make a mondo-babe post for all my lovelies <3 Here's some Instagram shots from our shoot/din din date to also celebrate getting out of school for the summer.

We got to meet (not so) wittle Babs and mama Kow

The dear also made us amazing Blueberry Muffins and Sloppy Joes ;__; so good <3

Went great with out Pina Colada flavoured tea <3

hehe fun at the LeClair's

You can view more photos from that day keep up graphically with me and what I'm upto by following my Instagram: @teaserama

ttyl, Lovelies xo

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