Saturday, 22 June 2013

Oh Woe

So it's been ages since I've been able to update and it's time for an explanation now that I have the opportunity. My laptop and computer are both down, the laptop more than likely forever, and I'm still trying to figure out about my pc. I might also be replacing my laptop (hopefully, oh man) sometime soon. So aside from that bad news, I'll just try to entertain you with a huge update that I'll go into further detail below.

  1. I had an amazing shoot with a new and lovely doll, Sarah, and I'll post all the pictures in a separate post.
  2. I got a new camera!
  3. I celebrated my birthday on May 27th.
  4. I'm off school in less than a week.
  5. My mother graduated college yesterday (she's now got the diploma for a Mechanical Engineer Technician!).
  6. Picked up a few new items (makeup+vintageitems+clothing)
  7. I won an award for design (design will be posted below)
  8. I got an instagram!
  9. It's International Aboriginal Day
That's about it for now, so onward with the deets!

  I finally got my Nikon D7000 that I've been pining over for months. Nikon just released the D7100, and with that, put the D7000 on sale! A $1000 camera on sale for $700-800?! It also just happened to be the one I wanted?! Um, hell yes! <3 I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to retire my D50 to a back-up and finally upgrade and progress in my photographic work. The D50 opened up many opportunities for me and helped me develop the skills necessary for me to even begin to understand photography, and now that I'm beyond that beginner stage, I'm nostalgic (as always) and grateful that I can move on.

  My favourite part about the D7000 is indefinitely the double card slot! <3u <3 When I first saw the feature online I knew this camera was made for me. The continuous shooting settings, the customised user settings, the more universal compatibility with lenses (like the D50, actually) the layout was similar to my D50 with all the extra blinking knobs and lights I needed. It's absolutely perfect. It also shoots HD video and I'm thinking of setting up a Youtube specifically for videos from my D7000 to share. All that once I get my laptop replaced, obviously.

  On the 27th last month was my 17th birthday (and my mother made THE best birthday dinner hnnng ham + scalloped potatoes). Sadly no longer Chuck Berry's "Sweet little Sixteen", but now I'm onto Paul McCartney/The Beatle's girl who they "saw her standing there, she was just seventeen". That and unfortunately almost 18. Ugh. I'm excited to age into the era of being able to do things on my own but adulthood is also intimidating. Alongside looking into university and the rest of my life, but anyhow, I'm just going to focus on school. Speaking of which: I'm off in a week. I have one more exam next Wednesday and then I'm out for summer. I'm already in the summer mindset because I have no school until that exam. I just want to get out!

  And speaking of more school and freedom - my mother just graduated a Mechanical Engineer Technician. I'm incredibly proud of her. She stuck it out for a long time and worked hard ever since I was a kid to get her high school and college education done to do what she really wants to do. I used to be terrified of uni/college in grade ten, but because I realised my life wasn't going to slow down anytime soon, and that even my mother has the courage to pursue her education made me consider my future intensely. Since then I've gotten my shit together and worked things out so I can go to Uni and get my academic career back on track (I did pretty poorly in grade 9 and 10). My mother's convocation has made me super happy and I can't wait to see her succeed even further.

  In all that buzz I got some great photos of her:

My mother and her boyfriend; Kirt.

My mother and I

  Now here's something to actually do with fashion!
I picked up a few items such as some wine lip colour (YSL), a new (to me) vintage RoseMarie Reid swimsuit (dated at least 1960), and a micro-mini-haul (pictures soon). I needed a new swimsuit badly and this one perfectly fit. I got it from the awesome vintage boutique downtown called The Bearded Lady ( You can see my blog post about them if you search my 'vintage' tag. I also needed a wine lip colour to match earrings my mum got me so I wore it to her convocation.

  More in this long-winded post, I won an award (my second one from the same event) for design/desktop publishing. I went with my Italian bud, Joe, and we both worked on the assignment although he won for something else. Confusing, but it was alright. The same event three years ago I got an award for photo-editing. The assignment was for a two-page Digital Citizenship infographic. Infographics are one of my favourite pieces of design because of their intricacy yet simplicity in deign techniques. Love love love them!

(click any photo to enlarge)

My award was under Josephs!*

  I've joined the bandwagon! I've got an Instagram! <3 I do love it because I can follow people such as Micheline Pitt, Masuimi Max, Lisa Freemont Street, etc! The vintage community is fabulous and I have fun posting about all the little things. Take a look: @Teaserama

It's pretty much just cats, food and style <3
You can search each of mine and Joseph's cats photos by their name
#spooky #mclovin #paulie #marebear (Marilyn) #marl (marley) and #mamapatience

mcrovin' :3

  Last but certainly not least, it's International Aboriginal Day. It's considerably important to me because my background is 99% Metis, with a hidden piece of Irish in my distant family. My family background is French and Native and the recognition of Aboriginal peoples and our history with Canada is something I'm passionate about. Not in just a biased sense, since I believe in fighting for all kinds of ethnic equality, but it appalls me how much of my very own generation and the ones surrounding me aren't even aware of the genocide and treatment of our people. They seem to get caught up and forget where Canada's origins began.

  I hope to be able to keep up to date with you guys and post more regularly, getting my chances whenever I can. I'll do my best to take OOTD photos and feed some of my instagram on important events/buys. Take care you hep cats!

 Love, Courtney xo

Look for my next post to see photos from my D7000 so far and my shoot with Sarah!

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