Monday, 8 April 2013

New shirt and gloves + Self Potraits

The other day I made a trip downtown with my lovely sister Jess and I picked up a new shirt and a cute pair of gloves. I got them at the vintage store downtown (The Bearded Lady).

The shirt was $15 and it's an adorable embroidered vintage diner uniform shirt, complete with the cute little pockets. It's got the grandest texture to it, really cute.

The gloves were only $8 a pair and these ones are of a great texture, so soft and cozy! c:


Perfect Guises
 And some self portraits to top it off! xo

Love, Courtney xo


  1. That top is gorgeous and so are those gloves! Great find. You are stunning!

  2. That is a beautiful shirt! Love the pictures too!


  3. Cute shirt but your piercings are super rad! I like your style. I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other??
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