Monday, 8 April 2013

New shirt and gloves + Self Potraits

The other day I made a trip downtown with my lovely sister Jess and I picked up a new shirt and a cute pair of gloves. I got them at the vintage store downtown (The Bearded Lady).

The shirt was $15 and it's an adorable embroidered vintage diner uniform shirt, complete with the cute little pockets. It's got the grandest texture to it, really cute.

The gloves were only $8 a pair and these ones are of a great texture, so soft and cozy! c:


Perfect Guises
 And some self portraits to top it off! xo

Love, Courtney xo

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Outfit Post: Favourite Worst Nightmare*

Admitting shamelessly that I adore both The Doors and the Arctic Monkeys*, among that, it's been an asset to my Rock Chic outfits.

For the winter I decided to get a super comfy pair of combat boots, and they match a variety of my outfits graciously! For a comfy+fashionable+functional pair under $75, I couldn't go wrong. I picked up the Doors shirt back in 2011 for school haha. The jeans were  Christmas gift and the button-up was also bought for school last September.

Enjoy xo

Denim Button-up // Forever21 
Band Tee // Hot Topic
Combat Boots // Taxi

And a lovely shot with Marilyn <3

xo Courtney