Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Whatever you call it - it's nude!

Naked, Bare, Birthday Suit... it's still nude!

The Caucasian nude tone has to be one of my favorites in the classics (along with mustard of course!) of fashion. It creates an awesome base for colours, but despite being neutral and casual, it can be played up very glamorously. Subtlety at its best!

Whatever you call it - it's nude!

Whatever you call it - it's nude! by fixedstars featuring urban decay eyeshadow

I adore nude dress pants, heels, handbags, lip colour and of course the UD Naked palettes! How do you guys wear nude? Nude pants with a cute n' bright teal blouse? How about a nude cardi with your jeans and t-shirt? Do you prefer the nude make-up to the more glamorous ones? Let me know! 


ps. a nice pair of nude platforms would make an awesome gift for me. ;) haha!

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