Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Review

Sooo, Kate Moss' new collection of lip colours isn't exactly new from Rimmel, and niether is the matte collection, but they're reletively popular. For a very good reason, at that. I picked up a new matte since my old one is pretty much done. By done, I mean RELLY done. Matte, if you didn't know, is super important for any vintage gal's collection and I was done with the dry dry dry old style mattes. Time for a change!

For starters, the brand claims it's a long-lasting, smooth lip colour. Partially, I agree.

Anyhow, here's the overall stats:

Duration & Stain - **1/2
Application Smoothness - *****
Opacity - ****
Moisture - *****
Colour Representation - ???
Packaging and Scent - ***1/2

To address that last section, what is with the websites colour preview? It shows the red colour as a magenta, nowhere near a true-red, although the packaging label on the bottom shows the colour very effectively. I also heard that not long before, none of the colours had names and only numbered names. The one I bought actually has a labelled name now and it's called Kiss of Life.

Going down the list:

The duration of the product doesn't really match its description. It lasted about 3 hours without eating/lip-liner added. It came off almost completely when I was eating AFTER two hours of wear and didn't really stain at all. Despite that, the pros make up for it completely. I would rather have to spend 30 seconds reapplying something that looks great and feels great than have something look horrible permanently.

The application of this product is a dream come true! It's so soft and has a smooth, kind of inordinary, texture to it. It applys so well and fully, making it easy to shape and contour. You don't need to press hard ad it doesn't pigment too easily, so it doesn't just get pushed around easily, becoming uneven. So it's an extremely even application due to its perfect texture and composition.

This colour applies pretty opaquely, opaque enough to create a steady composition and enough to fix up around the edges.

Guess what, here's the best part: IT'S NOT DRY! It's the completely opposite of any matte lip colour I've tried or owned. My lips don't stick together, I don't need to muck up the application with chap stick before putting it on, and it actually moisturized my lips. <3 <3 <3 5/5 Stars, hands down.

Conclusively, the packaging is great. I like the matte texture and the colour scheme. It's in an off-red with a black strip and Kate's signature with a heart in black. Very simple, very chic and minimalistic and beautiful. I also love the classic Rimmel crown on top. Subtle but sweet.

On to photos!:

(Click any photo to enlarge!)

Not the best swatch ever, but I'm not the best swatcher either ;__; pardon! xx

So if you've purchased your own in another colour, let me know what you think! In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend this for any vintage look or anyone with a preference to matte colours!

Also, yesterday would have been George Harrison's 70th Birthday! Much love xo

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