Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Winter Hot Chocolate Love

One of the best parts about my least favourite season is the hot chocolate and drinks. It's my main coffee season haha <3 Well, I'm also very picky about my hot chocolate and there's a few things it must have for me to enjoy it to its best! I'll show you one of my personal favourite hot chocolate treats!

What you will need:

  • Hot Chocolate mix (duh!)
  • Your favourite mug
  • A kettle/boiling water
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • ½-1 candy cane (mint/cappuccino) 
  • (Optional) 2 large marshmallows OR many small marshmallows.

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So pick out your favourite mug, I chose the new Beatles mug my boyfriend got me for x-mas.

Pick out your hot chocolate mix and ingredients, my fav is Rolo <3

Follow instructions for how much you want to make. It's usually 2-3 tbsp per 170ml.
Pour the required water when boiling/boiled.

Stir well c:

At this point you can put in your candy cane so it can melt in a bit, adding a mint/other flavour to the chocolate. You don't have to put in the whole candy cane, I recommend only half a candy cane for subtle mint taste.

So just hook it in!

Add just a pinch of nutmeg!

And Voila!

A tasty, warm treat for the long, cold nights! Great to share with family and friends <3 Happy New Year, loves xo

Love, Courtney xo


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    1. Thank-you! <3
      Absolutely, you've got a wonderfully cute blog :3

      xo Courtney

  2. I love the mugs! This mix also sounds super good thank you for sharing. Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

    1. Aww, thank-you so much! :D

      Absolutely, done and done <3

      xo Courtney