Monday, 7 January 2013

Quantity + Quality: Varnish Review

So just before Christmas time I picked up some nail varnishes for myself. I've got to admit, I'm the kind of person who knows what my money can get me. I know when I need to spend more, and I know when I can save myself some cash. I prefer quantity and quality, always. So a little over a year ago I tried Ardene's nail varnish and I was genuinely surprised. I've paid about 4 times the price of one pot for varnish that works no better nor worse. So I tested again by picking up three new colours and a new location to see if the quality is somewhat universal. I got a semi-opaque shimmering gold and black, and an opaque red.

Onward for more photos and ~le review (More Under the Cut)
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The left three are the new ones and the right two are the old ones.
My first selected colour, obviously LOL <3
My natural nail beds (ignore the unevenness, I've been too lazy file and trim properly) 

- Overall -
Colour - ★★★★★ (very vibrant but still a great classic red)
Opacity - ★★★½ (takes at least two coats to be completely opaque)
Lasting★★★ (takes three [two colour + one top coat works best] coats to prevent chipping in the first few days. Lasts chip-less about a week with three coats, longer with a top coat.)
Consistency and Smell★★★★★ (Just fine, not overpowering at all, minor scent. Consistency is perfect.)
Price★★★★★ ($3.50 CAN individually or 3 for $6.00 CAN. Couldn't get any better)

Drying★★★★★ (Just perfect time, not too long and not too quickly for painting.)

Overall - ★★★★½
I personally have no problem with two-coat, short-lasting nail varnish because it's quicker to apply and it means I can change my colour more frequently a lot roe easily. Love is an understatement <3 The price is fantastic, making replacements super easy and stress-free. The colour (and available colours) are spectacular, anything from pastels to neons to glitter and shimmer. The opacity was pretty average and it's super quick to apply. I have no problem painting my nails in the living room around my family because the smell is hardly noticeable  It's a great consistency for painting, because I find my old red was too thick to apply smoothly. As with the drying, it's much better than my $12.00 pot of red, which is so thick and slow-drying it gets bumpy really easily.

One coat
Two coats before top coat.

Thanks for reading! xo Courtney

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