Monday, 14 January 2013


So back in October my boyfriend and I went to a Streetlight Manifesto concert in Toronto (their first date
for their new tour :D) for our anniversary/his birthday. But along with them on tour was another band; Lionize, who honestly blew us away. I really should have shared this with you guys before. I have a very broad spectrum of taste when it comes to music, so one day I could share some dark folk indie with you guys and the next some ska/post-punk. But Lionize takes the cake with ska-reggae/psychedelic rock. It's rare you see such  raw talent these days, especially if you're not looking for it.

Image courtesy
Image courtesy
I really wish I had of gotten to bring ym camera or some form of an image-capturing device haha. My camera would have been trashed with the awesome mosh ;__;. Despite that, here's a shot from Theneonmix. If I wasn't 5'5" you'd probably be able to spot me in the bottom left corner, we were that close. Perks of getting there half an hour before the doors open and waiting an hour and a half just for some live show to come on. The tour as actually "The Hand That Thieves" when we went, I think they changed it somewhat through the tour. Read the blog post from Theneonmix, it gives probably the best description of the band and event.

Image courtesy

So here are some tracks for you to sample Lionize and Streetlight. Enjoy xo


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