Monday, 3 December 2012

Foggy Days + Forest Mugs

So last week we had two mornings of complete fog and I simply enjoyed the hell out of it with my camera. Since it was on my way to school and I was running a little late, I didn't get the world's best shots, but I did get some I really liked.

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Also, last Monday my package from Chapters arrived and I picked it up on the Friday. I got myself the Bettie Page pint glasses from Dark Horse (although it doesn't come in until January) and a camera key chain which I'm actually just replacing (I had one last year but lost it). I got my mum and her fiancé a plate+mugs set for Christmas (ALTHOUGH, one of the mugs was chipped and I have to go in-store to see if they can replace it). I recently got a $50.00 gift card for Indigo/Chapters for some photos and I spent it on Christmas gifts. The glasses were a gift for myself c; There's photos of the mugs, the key chain and Adam's beard process so far all below the foggy photos! <3

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Like I said, it was super foggy and I did my best to retain the fog in the photos in post.

So the mug wasn't chipped horribly, but obviously too much to gift to my mother. They're super sweet, though.  I love the texture and I even want a set for myself <3 I guess that's how I know my mum will love them lol.

My favourite key chain ever ;3

So finally, Adam's beard process!

Week 3 - November 16th

Week 4 - November 23rd

Week 5 - November 30th

Okay, I'm off to finish and essay and some Graphic Design homework. Plus! I'm writing up a couple tutorials for this month and some super special Christmas posts! <3 xo

Love, Courtney xo


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    1. Thank-you <3 I'll definitely check it out. I love your blog name haha <3


  2. Nice composition in that first shot.

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