Monday, 19 November 2012

The Girl Who Cried Monster

Here's just a mini blog + photo post and some pointless typing fdjklfds.

So last month we finished reading Frankenstein (or a Modern Prometheus) by mary Shelley. Which, before the class, I had already read about 4-5 times. Although, the rise of the book again (and among many other Frankenstein related things during October) and the essay it followed gave me much inspiration and conceptual thinking. The creature's humanity and and feelings of alienation have related to more than most of it's competent readers, although I've found much more than his misunderstood character to be inspiring. I found that even though he hated his master, and wished revenge on him for so much agony, he eventually realised his compassion and true longing to be accepted and adored.

Bwah so much about Frankenstein is compelling and emotionally powerful. If you haven't picked it up, try to.  Forcing yourself to read it; you may not even get half way through it. But I guarantee if you pick it up a second time, you will age considerably reading it. It's a great piece of literature that sits comfortable before overrated and high above underrated. Do have a peak <3

xo Courtney