Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shoot - Tempest

Emily - Whom I've worked with before (below: and at Auto Fest)
So about two weeks ago I got the opportunity to shoot some work by MUA Ellen Findlay along models Liz and Emily, whom I've both worked with before. I absolutely loved working with them and getting to do some creative work. It was fantastic and pretty successful. I'm only getting some shots finished now due to some busying school work and Christmas shopping.

Le Sigh.

Model Emily W/ MUA Ellen.
But! I still do have plenty of shots to share and if I finish any more they'll be on my DeviantART or Facebook.

My past shoot with Liz

So on with photos? Oui Oui.

More under the cut.
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Ellen did some work on Emily at Auto fest and it was very successful and I'm glad I've gotten the awesome connection since then. It's proven to add so much to my portfolio, and the photos just looked stunning. This shoot was insanely rewarding. Not to mention, the three of them are some really rad ladies, and terrific to talk to, so I'm always having lots of fun, despite my super timid shyness fdkjlfjs.

Ellen took us down to the lake since our original location had been cancelled. I don't think it could have gone any better.

I plan on getting a lot more finished and maybe I'll sneak them in a photo update in the near future.

Love, Courtney xo