Friday, 16 November 2012

Madison + Others

So about  two weeks ago I had a shoot/sleepover with Madi again c: The results were satisfying and it was a weekend well-needed. I've earned it lately, as I'd like to think. I've been working primarily on school but while keeping blogging and shoots on mind. I've currently got all my marks in the 90's and have a 96% average, so I'm content c:

In other news, Adam and I have started a beard process. I'm just photographing it lul. This is actually our third week and I'll try to update it every two weeks. We're taking a photo every Friday for anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending. So all two photos so far, some photography update and other new stuff below the photos of Madison :3 xo Enjoy~

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we dick around loool

So Adam's beard process is going fairly well, I'd say c:

Week 1 - November 2nd

Week 2 - November 9th

we also like to dick around loooool

I just ended up really liking this photos, he's got such a striking face ughfnhg <3

Also, Adam and I just recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 29th c: He took me out for supper on the weekend of and then surprised me with a new Beatles bag to replace my old Yellow Submarine one (which is now littered with holes, big and small). This one much be twice the size! I love it, it's so convenient and carries so much! It's perfect for my books and sweaters haha. Oh and school work pft haha.

For a short update on Halloween, 

My dad's girlfriend baked some awesome cupcakes with him. I love Halloween Peeps C:
Also, I went as a 1940's working woman,  pretty much a variation of Rosie the Riveter c:

In addition, I picked up and super cute new jacket. It's got a great mix between contemp and 60s, so I'm super glad I could get it.\

Now for a short photo update and I'm off! xo

Trying new things c: Well, sort of!

Love, Courtney xoxo

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