Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Return + Autofest

Pardon my recent absence cats and dolls. My internet was cut off for a couple months, but now I'm steadily back with some outfit posts! c:

I'm also going to go see Streetlight Manifesto with my boyfriend for his birthday this month. He turns 18 on the 25th and our anniversary is 4 days after, so I thought I'd treat us to some ska, since they're one of his favourite bands as well. C:

I picked up a pair of knock-off JC Litas recently and a mini-haul at Forever 21 last month so I've been quite set. I have a few shoots coming up and I have to post about my shoot in August at Autofest! :D I got to work with model Emily Voss and MUA Ellen Findlay and it was quite the project. I'll include that outfit post in a separate post to keep things short and sweet.

More photos under the cut

Model // Emily Voss - MUA // Ellen Findlay
Dress // Dixifried Pin-up Girl Clothing

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So what exactly have I been doing these past couple of months? Well, I started year 11 of high school and I've been doing lots and lots of drawing and video games LOL. I have two art classes this semester (first period Graphic Design and fourth period Grade 11 art) so I'm in the art room three times a day including lunch. I've got lots of projects to be finishing so I hope I'll still have time to blog more often. when I get them finished I'll bring them home and scan them for an extra special art post ^__^.

See below images for the photoshoot :3

So many sketchbooks :333

I love me some Final Fantasy <3

Started this Veronica Lake piece late August and there has been much added to  it since haha.

Autofest - Once a year for three days in around late August, my city holds a car show down town and down by Lake Ontario. For a small city, you'd be surprised at the number of cars that show up. The kick-off party is down town and takes up a few blocks. Our city is small, but well-known for its oldies (The only actual radio station I listen to that's not satellite is our region's oldies station haha). Especially cars. So, naturally draawn to everything vintage, I scheduled up a shoot with the lovely Emily, who's now a brunetter, and she introduced me to her fab MUA friend Ellen (whom did an outstanding job!). Retro clothes; retro hair; retro cars - it'd be wrong if I wasn't there.

(btw, this was my 4th year going :3)

I have more to add to the set soon, but the best way to keep up to date with my photos is my Facebook page, where I upload every single photo including their variations, or you can follow my Deviantart where I post regularly:

To finish it off, here are some more photos from the event. I took quite a few, but here's just some c:

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left: Me being geeky with my dream machine <3

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