Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wish List August

School is coming up soon but I've got clothes on my mind! here's some of the latest stuff I'm lusting over xo

(more under the cut)

Wishlist 01

Leather pants
88 CAD -      

Philosophy high low skirt
38 CAD -

Forever 21 cropped pants
20 CAD -

Wedge booties
28 CAD -

Studded boots
42 CAD -

ASOS round sunglasses
13 CAD -

Lip stick
21 CAD - LimeCrime Makeup

I've been in love with PUG ( ) for quite a while now, but I've come to promise myself that there are more than one or two things on there that I NEED when I get a job! Here are a few of the items -

(all photographs belong to respective owners, I take no credit for the following images)



I'm reaaaally loving this tiger print! it's super retro and super chic. It's hardcore retro chic. I really want a pair of cigarette pants and I've been obsessed with getting a pair of them for a couple years and the Deadly Dames ones are perfect! I think the Doris top was the first piece I had ever seen from PUG. It made me fall so hard in love. The entire Vamp series is very curvaceous for the body and I don't think I could give any greater reason for me to have it! The bronze Niagara dress has three qualities about it I absolutely adore on ever level. 

(Click to Enlarge)
  1. It's obviously (duh) based off the dress that Monroe wore in Niagara
  2. Bronze (golds and silvers too!) is one of my favourite finishes ever. It's rich and luxurious.
  3. The fitting is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. So vintage.
I have one downfall with it that I'm not very busty at all. I fit into their xs just barely! The dress is still lovely, I just don't think I could fill it out enough.

The last dress is the Vivien. I love this dress so much because I don't need to be busty to fill it out and I'll still get the curves I want. The flawless design of the dress naturally accents you to make your body appear more curvaceous. Almost all fo their clothes are built to do just that. This dress is also a favourite because of Bettie, whom actually owned a dress like this and wore it to parties often. That dress, I believe, was silver, though. All that aside, I'm not a big fan of blues but this dress is very rich in colour and texture, something I think I could pull off.

Anyroad, have a good night lovelies xo

Courtney xo


  1. I like the items of you wish list!!! you have a great style !

  2. This is my dream wish list at the moment also <3 I can keep dreaming...


    1. haha, I know the feeling. I wish nice clothes would just drop right out in front of me ajkdld <3