Thursday, 2 August 2012

Madison + The Bearded Lady

What an attractive title match LOL

Anyway, I had my first shoot with Madison since 2011, and it was well-overdue. Especially since I've gotten my 50mm. Such a refreshing experience to be able to photograph a person who has been one of the closest to me. I'm really glad we're talking again, I think this will be healthy for me and my photography since I believe that some of my most beautiful photos are of that lovely lady. I have some shots complete but I'm still working ever-so on the photos I took of her :D. I have some photos from that day I'll be sharing though <3

In other news, the day after, I decided to go to a new vintage store that has opened up downtown called The Bearded Lady. It's an amazing and intriguing little store! It's bright red store front, great prices, and superb 50s and 60s selection makes it drool worthy for me <3 I've ran into to way too many vintage stores that have that are washed over with cheap and easy 80s pieces, but this store is filled with stuff pre-70s! I'm super excited to start shopping there, honestly. I have a few photos from the store's inside *below! my shoot with Madi.

ALSO: Some Self Portraits and Photography at the very very bottom :3

More photos under the cut xo!

Click any photo to Enlarge!

lol, moi pre-shoot just talking to Madison about aperture. She's got her own camera to use for the
summer and  this photos was her playing with my camera and the 50mm. Le derp.

As we walked downtown scouting places to shoot like the good ol' days, we passed
The Bearded Lady the day before I checked it out. The items inside were gorgeous <3.

shots so far xo

so many variations flgffadsgfdhgfdjgdfg 
That's all the photos of Madison so far xo

The Bearded Lady

some beautiful set ups in the store!

A glove collection that I'm urging to delve into haha

<3 I didn't get clear enough photos of the other shoes, but there
were many that I loved <3

gah I just want that table so badly <3 haha

The cutest 60s mod 2 pieces. I really wish I could work of these,
 because it'd be in my closet in a heartbeat!

racks lined with fab 50s blouses <3

didn't get the best shots of this dress, but I think I might try it on if it's there when I go next time! <3

Do do DO go visit it, take a look, and you should find at least one little feature you'd like! I'll definitely be visiting again and picking something out and hopefully getting more photos! <3

So onward to extras! Just a photographic update as to some photos I've taken lately.

A left over shot from shooting with Adam xo

Okay, that's all for now darlings! Hope you're having an amazing summer now that we're running into August and the weather should hopefully get a little colder haha. I can't wait for fall. I feel like fall doesn't last long enough! 

Love, Courtney xo