Monday, 13 August 2012

July Post

Pardon the lateness of my July post, but I was just gathering all my photos for it.

Enjoy xo

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More under the cut!

Retstarted my friendship with Madison again. This photo was from 2011.
haha, we're just like Atsrid and Stu! <3 

Some hilarious photos with Madison, because our silly faces are what my life is practically made of :3

Got to shoot with Madi again, just like old times :3

took self portraits of course! Trying lots of new things with makeup and accessories.

Visited the newest vintage store downtown! <3

Had lots of great food and drinks so far this summer!

Had some beautiful photowalks :D

Took lots of photos hanging out with Adam <3

Dug out one of my favourite Beatles shirts looking for my other Beatles shirt! <3 haha 
I always sign my notes with faces omg
Got to see some beautiful summer nights this year. Really looking forward to some more photos this August xo

That's all dears xo

I have two large shoots and two mini shoots to edit now, so I'll be a bit busy the next week. I've got some posts coming up and some outfit posts I'm shooting tomorrow/soon, so keep an eye out!

 Courtney xo

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