Sunday, 1 July 2012


My personal summary of June in photos xo (not in chronological order)

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Found some photographs of my mother (left) and her mother. They and myself included all have the signature nose and cheeks c:

Went to Adam's prom <3
The crêpes from Adam's prom were fab

Did my first set of pin curls that I feel turned out fairly well. I'm not fond of bobby pins, though. They don't stay all that well with my thin hair :c

(Right to left: The pin set, the curls before brushing, and one side brushed out. Above: The final setting.)

The pins I used

Helped throw a surprise party to thank out teacher for giving us the opportunity to take us to NYC

Left: Went on tons of photo + nature walks with Adam, while having lots of fun of course c: Right: Just chillin'~~~~~~

Added a new home made dip to my collection based on ingredients my nutritionist recommended

(four above) My room looking better than ever with my Elvgren calendar up, the typical Beatles stuff still around, and my brand new 41" tv my mum gifted me <3

Lots of photo walks!

 I spent this awesome day with Adam at the lake, getting sand all over my toes :c It was super warm on the way there, but a storm just thought it'd be fab to just yanO GONNA COME OVER YOU GUYS DON'T MIND K.  It was actually neat, though <3

Adam recording the wind making music from our pop bottle :3

Lots and lots of wind <3 LOL

My boyfriend's own magnificent photography :D <3 We found these rocks placed here by someone, so we took lots of shots :3

Made a cover for my fashion class ISU. Maybe I'll post the entire thing one day, the cover doesn't do the entire design any justice <3

Painted my nails red for Adam's prom. It was a bitch, took me forever.

Tried a new Arizona (I'm challenging myself to try every kind of Arizona and DQ blizzard this summer haha)

And of course I'm been up to taking photos loads. Took quite a few nature + photo walks by myself.

And of course, I had a greats shoot with Kristan. More photos from that coming soon xo

Love Courtney xo



  1. Loving your blog! You are talented and so beautiful :-) I love the picture of your mom & grandma! Xo

  2. Aww thank-you so much! You're so kind ;u ; <3