Thursday, 12 July 2012

Boating (Going Under) + Adam

I recently shot some photos for my Chictopia/Lookbook. I spent a lovely day with Adam doing so, since he's been helping me due to the death of my tripod :c He's such a sweetheart helping me out, really! It means the world to me and it helps me get by a lot more easily. He's learned a lot about my camera/portraits so far, actually.

Anyhow, portraits followed my extras xo- (more under the cut)

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the look

Some photographs added to my portfolio xo

These were lovely, I chose to include sepia as well because I wanted it to look as much like 60s film as possible. It just gave me that feeling, and I feel it's a technique I'd like to work on xo.

An adorable extra c:

These ones were lovely.
Adam being a little climber on our way home c:

Above two are extras, since Adam likes to keep shooting and shooting no matter how candid I am haha.

and some extra shots I took that I'm satisfied with.

And a very cute photo of Marilyn! :3
Courtney xo


  1. You are stunning! And so is your photography! I know I keep saying it, but it's because it's true! :-)

    1. sflasj That is seriously so sweet of you, you're too kind! <3 I /really/ appreciate it, thank-you so much ;u ; xo

  2. i love the softness of the light. it really makes the portraits so much sweeter

  3. Hey! I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award :-)
    Visit my blog to read about it, and to get your award badge! Xo!

  4. Love the first one here, it's of you I think.