Friday, 29 June 2012

Kristan xo + Ingestion

   So on Thursday I had a lovely sunset shoot with Kristan Elsie. I looked forward to it quite a bit and I've only finished up a few shots but I guarantee that when I get into a swing again, I'll have tonnes of photos to update from the set. She looked absolutely dear! So here is some of the shots and below is just a photography update to share what I've been up to artistically.

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So there is only a few as of right now, but I'll change that very quickly!

In other news, my mother gifted me a 41" HD tv for my birthday a week or two ago (although my birthday was on the 27th of May). It's fab and Fallout looks GLORIOUS on it :D <3

So I've also started two projects I'm following up on: Endless Summer and Ingestion.
Endless Summer will just be a summer collection of photos ( monthly update here) and Ingestion is a collection of black and white pieces (or with minimal colour) of how I observe things, ingest their visual image and the perspective it has on me. Things I see every day that are essentially ordinary or changing, and i witness their change over the many, many days I visit them.

Here are a few shots I've gathered recently. (One is in colour simply because I loved the colour version too much ;u ; )

This is very limited to all of what I have so far. This concept came out of a stop-motion I made for art class, something I've come to appreciate about repetition and revisiting items and/or people on frequent or rare occasions. I love being able to silently study change for my personal note. Especially people. Although I'm not fond of description, the first one, in example, is a flower my boyfriend picked me from his garden, but it is a few days after I've had it on my dresser and it has begun to wilted. It's completely dead now, actually.

Anyway, here's a few photos to keep you guys satisfied xo
(remember to click to enlarge )

Love Courtney xo

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