Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pre-New York City post

Pre-New York City post

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 So this is my pre-post. It's going to be fairly short, I'm just going to go ahead.
I'll be gone from tomorrow morning at 6 on a coach bus (48-seater with only 20 students going :D) and the first day we get there we'll be doing a walking tour of Times Square and a bit of the area then going to dinner. After, we return to our hotel in Jersey. We have breakfast the next morning, then go out on various other things. That evening we have our dinner & dance cruise. The next day is walking through the ethnic enclaves (i.e; Little Italy, China Town, ect), Central Park, UN building visit, Museum of Natural History, and then dinner and back to the hotel. Breakfast again and then more walking tours and then Times Square again. That evening we leave for home and we return late Sunday evening. So that's about it. I'll also be bringing my laptop. xo

Last but not least, on my Tumblog I'll be starting a weekly Elvis night. Every Saturday night; be there or be square dfgads :3

Au Revoir xo Courtney

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