Sunday, 13 May 2012

New York City - Day I

A long over-due post, about a week late :/
Anyroad, I'm going to make it short since day one was mostly just driving there, seeing a bit of Time Square, dinner, and then to our hotel. I've got so many photos to post, but since there is over 100 for day 2, I'll be posting only a select few on the next post. But to view every single photos, you can check out my Facebook page!

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-Photos on the way to the border-

The border

Lara and Dylon :3 loool
My tour guide, Paul, took a photo fo himself with my camera lul.

Some foliage that was super close to our bus on our way to go through the Lincoln tunnel.

more on the way to the Lincoln tunnel

Manhattan Skyline

industrialism meets nature in nyc

Times Square

F21 <3

 My teacher and her cameras :3

Our first night's restaurant. It was on 5th avenue, just off the lobby IN the Empire State building.

Zanab, Kristan, and Jahdeen making memories!

The beautiful ads in the restaurant.

mm, some boss pasta.

NYC at night on our way to our hotel xo

There's not much else that the photos couldn't tell you, but I had a wonderful time, but day two, three and four got even better. I can't wait to share them with you guys!

L. Courtney xo