Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 3 and 4 - NYC

Pardon the long awaited final post but here goes xx

My third an fourth days in New York City

Firstly, we went and took a nifty drive to the Woodbury commons again, and after some shopping we went on our way to to American Museum of Natural History. It was a bit of a stressful experience because it was so crowded and we only got 2 hours to look around. I felt bad for holding up my group at the gift shop, but I tried to get them to leave me behind so they could see stuff, I didn't want to ruin it :c. But it was great nonetheless.
After the trip to the AMNH, we head on our way for an hour walking tour in Central Park. I was so damn excited to see the Dakota and Strawberry Fields, but my massive disappointment, we didn't make it to Strawberry Fields >:C but I did get some shots of the Dakota ;u;. It's a magnificent building, so beautiful to see.

Well, when I saw the Dakota, is was on our way into the subway that's across the street from it :3. Riding the subway was definitely fun and interesting, a little but panicky, though. Our subway trip was to get us to the 9/11 memorial, in which I thought took up so much more time than needed. I was personally uninterested in the memorial, to put it politely. 

After that very stressful few hours, since I had a headache at the time actually, we went to something a lot less stressful: dinner. It was fantastic, since the vegetarian plate was deep fried vegetables and fries dofhgjhkjlkmH <3. The best bit was next -  our final bit of time to shop on Time Square * U *. I bought nearly 200 dollars of clothes in the huge Forever 21 store. I believe it was 4 stories tall HFDGJFGJL <3 I'm dying to go back and get some things. I'll eventually make a post about all the things I bought in NY, you guys will love them.

Onward with photos!

Click any photo to enlarge!

The Dakota (shown above as well)

(not where we ate, btw)

And the final day, we got up nice and early, everything all packed and ready for us to take when we leave, to go to our tour of the NBC studios. To think I stood in a sport Elvis really did stand as well just FOMFHJGHLGJHJGHLJHLGKHJGFHJGFJGLDFGJ <333333

okay, anyhow, the gift shop was fab. They had lots of House merch and they even have scrubs from the show's hospital. I geeked out and wanted to them so badly, but I stopped myself haha.
I got some neat stuff from the store, though.
After the tour we had lunch in Rockefeller Plaza and it broke my heart to be sitting so close to the MMoA and not be able to even go into the shop. It's something I promise myself I'll be visiting on my return trip to NYC in the future.

bye bye NY xo c';

Courtney xo

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