Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 2 - NYC

In advance, I'd like to apologise for not doing this MUCH earlier like I should have. I procrastinated it due to the amount of photos and content. I've seen many blog posts on NYC from other fashion bloggers, and there's next to nothing about that they did and pictures they took. So I promised myself I'd post some (selective) amount of photos to get a feel of my real NYC experience.

Okay so ONWARDS :3

Click photos to enlarge xo 

So on our second day in the morning, we went to New Jersey's Woodbury Commons outlet mall. It's known for it's massive area coverage and broad spectrum of high-end clothing outlets. Anything from a Disney store, an American Apparel to Dior, Oscar de la Renta, you name it. I didn't buy anything, since it was so out of my price range, for the most part. Or they just didn't have my stores, aside from the YSL outlet ;nnn ;.

Later, we got a "guided tour" through Chinatown which just took us to Mulberry street, or Little Italy, and told us practically nothing about the true area of Chinatown. But it was amazing, we got to see lots of things and the break we got to eat in Little Italy was equally satisfying. I bought my boyfriend his gift (which I'll get a picture of one of these days [of him in it, of course]) and had the best pizza ever. No, seriously. I don't even like any other kind of pizza now, it was so good unghg.

For a short period of time, we also took time to go to the United Nations building. I was disappointed at how short of a time we spent there, but very grateful we went. I could definitely say it was one of the best parts, actually.

So after that, we took a sweet little drive to our pier, Chelsea piers, that is. We got changed, did our hair/make up for those who felt necessary. For what? Our cruise around Liberty Island to get a beautiful glance at the Statue of Liberty, of course, New York's night life from the waves and an unforgettable sunset.

So enough with my never-shutting-up, I'll just continue on with photos xo.

The outlets ^

Ashley on the left and my teacher Miss Jadoon on the right <3 lol

omg I love Dylon LOL

Our restaurant was amazing :3 (Below, obv) The menues were the perfect touch, I ADORED it :D <3

McQueen store! Oh my god, I was sincerely disappointed I didn't get to go in. Sin-fucking-cerely. ;n;

Zanab, Talor and I (Socially awkwaRD OH GOD)

All Aboard <3

Gorgeous Zanab :333

Jahdeen posing beautifully xo

Kristan, Taylor, J, Zanab and Jahdeen :3

Darling Kristan ;u ;

the waiter who took a photos of our legs by accident LOL

One of my favourite photos from the entire trip! <3

Beautiful View xo

And the night rightfully ended with a gawk at Liberty, and a long ride home to our somewhat cosy hotel. Admittedly , I was terribly home sick in a big, comfy bed without Adam or the noises of my own apartment. Ugh no.

Le fin for day 2 xo